San Francisco Public Library plans very soon to eliminate the historic, multi-cultural, community created mural on the Bernal Heights Branch Library.

Library Users Association needs your help to save this part of our history!

Partial View of Existing Mural at Front Entrance

See on the above link pictures and text about the Bernal Heights Branch Library mural taken from a website that removed this material shortly after Library Users Association showed the pictures publicly during public comment at a S.F. Board of Supervisors meeting.
We believe the pictures originated with mural scholar Timothy Drescher, while the text is almost exactly what the library provided in a brochure at the inauguration of the mural in 1982.
Mural expert and author Timothy Drescher has written several years ago that the full mural (all three sides) should be restored, and Precita Eyes, muralists for decades, sent a letter in 2009 from their Board of Directors, saying the full mural should be restored and that deteriorated condition is not an obstacle to refreshment — and should not be used as an excuse for removal.

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